Case Studies

Case Studies


Business Network
First Step Internet has the experience and expertise to handle many kinds of cabling jobs. 

CAT3, CAT5e, CAT6 network cabling – network and phone

RG6 Coaxial cabling –
TV and DISH Network

Fiber Optic cable –
single or multi-mode

Radiax radiating cable for wireless network applications

LMR 400 and 600 coaxial cable
Hardline tower cabling

Case Studies
James Toyota facility
Installed CAT5e cable for phone and network, RG6 coaxial for TV, patch panels, equipment racks, Wireless Internet access
Gritman Medical Center
FS handles all the ongoing cabling requirements for Gritman including CAT6 cable for phone and Network, radiax for wireless distribution, etc.
Gritman Physical Therapy Facility
FS installed all phone, Network and remote monitoring cabling, fiber optic cable to main facility, equipment racks, etc.
Pullman School District
FS installed CAT5e cabling throughout the High School, District headquarters and several of the Jr High and Elementary schools for their computer labs and offices.  PSD now uses the infrastructure for computing and VoIP system district wide.
Moscow Family Medicine &
Inland Orthopaedics
New facility behind Walmart included Ethernet cabling, phone and coaxial, equipment racks, etc.
Birchill Apartments
FS installed all Network, phone and TV cabling in each of 12 new apartment buildings in Pullman
Palouse Surgery Center
FS installed all Network and phone cabling, sound system cabling and video cabling
Hill Enterprises in Moscow
Installed CAT5e to all of 408 apartment bedrooms over 10 facilities throughout Moscow.  Also installed conduit between buildings to create complex-wide networks
First Step Network Operations
Facility in Moscow

Fiber optic, CAT5e Ethernet, equipment and server racks, cable management

In addition, First Step Internet has installed several towers, hundreds of wireless access points and associated cabling throughout 40 towns in the region.

FS installers have installed CAT5e cabling in over 3500 homes and businesses throughout the region for our wireless Internet service.

From the above examples, FS can provide cabling for a number of scenarios:

New construction – homes, apartments, professional buildings, schools, hospitals, Retrofit of existing buildings,
In building cabling, Building to building,
Outside cabling on towers and buildings.

If you have cabling requirements, FS can provide bids from walk thrus and/or construction plans.  If you have any requirements for cabling, please contact a FS representative at 208-882-8869 or email at and we can arrange a bid at no cost for your review.