What Apartment Complexes do you serve?
First Step Internet provides wireless access to the following apartment complexes.  Depending on the complex, access can be obtained by plugging into an ethernet connection in the wall or by connecting with a wireless device in the computer.
Pullman Apartment Complexes Moscow Apartment Complexes
Mgmt Complex Connection Mgmt Complex Connection
Ethernet Wireless Ethernet Wireless
Hill Enterprises Meadow Brook Avail   Palouse Properties 621 Taylor Telkonet
Summer Hill Avail   701 Taylor Telkonet
Boulder Creek Avail   Campus View Avail  
Cedar Ridge Avail   University Village Avail  
Stadium Terrace Avail   Blackketer Tule 1174 West A Street Avail  
Dabco Aspen Village   Avail 1210 West A Street Avail  
Providence Court   Avail 250 Baker   Avail
Pine Ridge   Avail 254 Baker   Avail
Maple Valley   Avail 258 Baker   Avail
Churchill Downs   Avail Pope Eisinger 220 Baker Avail  
Emerald Downs   Avail 224 Baker Avail  
Bridgeway   Avail 260 Baker   Avail
Kip Dev Harvest Gardens   Avail 264 Baker   Avail
Latah    Avail Welcome Home 705 N Jefferson Avail  
Cornerstone Maple Street Avail   715 N Jefferson Avail  
422 NE Maiden Lane Avail   793 Brent Drive Avail  
A Street Avail   795 Brent Drive Avail  
Other Cougar Crest Avail   2942 E Palouse River Drive Avail  
Maiden Lane    Avail 2988 E Palouse River Drive Avail  
Kirk Hill 201 Taylor Avail  
209 Taylor Avail  
215 Taylor Avail  
219 Taylor Avail  
North Adams Avail  
South Lilley Avail  
Henley Avail  
6th Street Avail  
East E Street Avail  
South Hayes Avail  
South Jefferson Avail  
South Main Street Avail  
Hawthorn Avail  
301-333 Lauder Avail  
Brennan Properties 1621 Lenter   Avail
1625 Lenter   Avail
1625 Lenter   Avail
1671 Lenter   Avail
1685 Lenter   Avail
221 Taylor   Avail
220 Lauder   Avail
1315 Linda Lane   Avail
Other 240 Baker Avail  
1412 West A Street Avail  
1418 West A Street Avail  
1125 Ridge Road Avail