How do I send e-mail to someone

There are two types of e-mail: POP e-mail and web-based e-mail. 

POP E-mail:
To send e-mail using a POP account typically requires an e-mail client such as Windows Live Mail, Mac Mail, or Microsoft Outlook.  After opening your e-mail client and setting up your e-mail address in the client, you can create an e-mail message, type in the e-mail address, subject, message body, and click send.  Specific instructions can be found at:http://www.fsr.com/Technical-Support/14/

Web-based E-mail:
Examples of web-based e-mail are Gmail and hotmail.  To send e-mail from a web-based e-mail service, you typically use a browser like Internet Explorer, Firefox, or Google Chrome.  Once the browser is open, you need to enter the address of the web-based e-mail provider such as www.google.com Log in using your username and password.  Proceed to create an e-mail message and send it to the desired e-mail address.